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Our latest ESG report tracks all M&A deals and transactions in the ESG sector, from the start of Q1 2020 through to the end of Q2 2022.

Over this period a total of 74 M&A deals representing an aggregate value of $7.5bn were identified matching our ESG search criteria. Much like the broader M&A market 2021 saw a flurry of M&A activity in the ESG market. However, unlike the broader M&A market, activity in this space has accelerated through the first half of 2022 with Q1 and Q2 seeing 11 and 18 deals respectively compared to 4 and 13 the year previous. 

In large part the driving force behind sustainable investment originates from the public demand for change. In the UK alone ‘The Environment’ has been the most important issue facing the country to around 30% of the UK. Worldwide various movements and increasingly concerning reports have risen the profile of climate concerns to historic heights, encouraging multilateral action – most notably Paris 2015 and most recently COP 26.

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